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Your First Visit - Consultation & Treatment (pain & inflamation reduction)


Cost = £50 (special offer £10 off - usually £60)

Your first visit will last an hour. Your chiropractor will take a full case history followed by an appropriate physical examination.  Following this you will be given a detailed report of findings, and if chiropractic treatment is deemed appropriate your treatment plan will be explained to you.  You may be referred to an appropriate specialist if further investigations are required, for example x-rays or blood tests. 

Follow up treatment  - (based on your individual case)


Cost = £40

These follow up visits  last up to 30 minutes. Your chiropractor will know exactly how to treat you and every treatment will be based on 2 factors, your diagnosis and how you are currently feeling and responding to treatment.

Other types of appointments available

Follow up treatment - Extended session  - (based on your individual case)


Cost = £55

On ocassion your chiropractor may suggest a longer session is required which will last  60 minutes. This is usually when a re-examination / assessment is required, or if there are multiple conditions areas to treat.

Treatment bundle  - (6 for the price of 5 - full payment only)


Cost = £200

Wellness care - annual  - (4 visits over 1 year - saves £40 - full payment only)


Cost = £120


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